It goes fast, what did you do with it?

Each year I have a habit of looking back at the year and reflecting on the major accomplishments and failures. However, 2019 was an exceptional year, and I am sure I ‘m not the only one who is glad to see it go.

Not much went as planned for those of us that work in agriculture. Let’s be honest, there weren’t that many wins in 2019 and since we are at the end of a decade, I thought I’d put together a list of my personal and professional accomplishments and failures for the past 10 years.

In no particular order, they are:

Built 3 new houses

Moved 5 times

Increased our family size by 25%

Managed the build of a really bad website

Learned how to build WordPress websites

Built 3 more websites

Started 3 businesses, closed one

Developed a consumer line of fertilizers

Developed branding for a new ag fertilizer brand

Lead the rebranding of a fertilizer company

Wrote close to 1000 blog articles

Produced over a dozen videos

Hired 8 people, inherited 4 more

Had 3 people quit

Had to let go of 3 people

Taught one child to ride his bike, the other refuses to learn

Developed many new friendships

Sold a company

Bought a farm (follow my progress at )

Took my only consecutive 2-week vacation

Ended a 750,000-mile driving stretch with an epic car wreck

That is my truck in the side (nobody was hurt)

Got two full-time jobs and a bunch of contract work through my network/social media

Got fired for the first time

Resigned from a company

Help launch an award-winning agriculture app (check it out at

Got a dog

This is Scout the day we got her

Grew my personal social following to almost 5000 contacts

Founding member of a trade association

Board member on a couple of industry associations

Lost two grandparents

Became a Cub Scout leader

Rebuilt a shed

Hired an ad agency

Fired an ad agency

Told I was bad at marketing (many times)

Told I was great at marketing (many times)

Told I was bad at sales (many times)

Told I was great at sales (many times)

Moved a company’s server and data to the cloud

Personally only use the cloud

Rode in RAGBRI

Lead and completed an ERP install

Finished two basements

Created an agricultural email marketing list of over 4000 people

Developed a web promotion that went viral and in 24 hours had a 10,000 person email marketing list (consumer products)

Spent approximately 1/3 of the past 10 years in a hotel

Was asked by my oldest, “How come you only live here on the weekends”

Lost 30 lbs

Gained 30 lbs.

Had the most helpful boss

Had the least helpful boss

Went 100% digital

Went back to reading paper books and taking paper notes

Coached youth baseball and soccer

I am sure I am forgetting many, many more failures and few wins. Looking back at the past decade, as a whole, though, there were many more ups than downs. As tough as 2019 was, I have to say the past decade was really amazing and I am looking forward to the next one.

Thank you to everyone that was a part of the wins and the loses. Hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIn and let me know what your 3 biggest accomplishments of the past decade were.

Oh, and Happy New Year!!

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