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For most of my life, I have lived on an acreage and I’ve worked my whole life in agriculture. recently, I noticed that nobody really speaks to the acreage owner that doesn’t farm.

So where do you get your information about products to manage your property? Farm magazines? most of that stuff is too big. Home and garden magazines? All that stuff is too small.

I bet you have spent countless hours over the years wandering around stores and searching the interwebs. Researching features, prices, and reviews. Hell, you probably got a spreadsheet or two to help you figure it out. All those hours lost, just to find the right tools, equipment, and gear.

It wasn’t fun but you didn’t want to overspend and you didn’t want some cheap piece of crap that’ll break on the first use. We get it, we’ve spent countless, painful hours doing all that and more.

Why isn’t there a review site geared for us? Somewhere that helps you save time and showcase the best in class stuff. That does it with some inspiration while having a little fun.

On March 2nd there will be. A website with daily updates that will share with you the products we use on our acreages and in our daily lives and you can find it at www.ruralistic.co.

This isn’t your mamma’s magazine.
This isn’t for the homesteader.
This isn’t for farmers, though they’ll find plenty to like here.

This is for a contemporary acreage owner who makes informed, considered choices on products, services, and experiences to meet their modern lifestyle.

Ruralistic is a one-stop resource for high-quality goods. It covers every aspect of modern acreage living; property, home, style, entertainment, and anything in between. 

If you live on an acreage or in the country and love high-quality products and experiences then Ruralistic will help you have a fantastic modern rural lifestyle.

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