wondering what organic inputs to use for high-yeilding corn?

Organic acres grew 23% in 2016 and I am seeing more row crop farmers transition to organic in 2018 as ameasure to stay profitable. Many of these “conventional” farmers and their consultants are struggling to figure out what products they should use to help maintain a high yielding organic corn crop.

Well wonder no more, here are my top ten products to incorporate into your 2018 production plan for high yielding organic corn and soybeans. These recommendations are based on my 10 years or working with organic growers and consultants.

SuperCal SO4 by Calcium Products
Why I like it – SuperCal SO4 is the most effective pelletized gypsum on the market. It works to balance soluble salts. This may help reduce some weeds and crusting. It provides needed calcium and sulfur.
Why you should use it – The first step in organic production is balancing soils and SuperCal SO4 should be the first step in most soils.

MicroHume by Midwestern BioAg
Why I like it – This product from Midwestern BioAg provide Calcium, Sulfur, Boron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc and humates in a single granule. It is low pH improving micronutrient uptake.
Why you should use it – A cost-effective way to provide micronutrients to your crop. Micronutrients are the main component of the plant’s immune system. Midwestern BioAg has a 30+ year history of success in organic production.

Protassium+ by Compass Minerals
Why I like it – This is sulfate of potash from Compass Minerals. It has a high potassium level, doesn’t contain chloride or magnesium. Also has sulfur.
Why you should use it – Plants need Potassium for plant immunity, flowering and fruiting, and stomata regulation. In most soils, excess magnesium and chlorides can cause soil tightening issues. Protassium + has decades of proven performance.

Rock Phosphate by FERTOZ
Why I like it – This is the highest P rock phosphate I have found and has low heavy metals
Why you should use it – Phosphorus can be one of the most limiting factors inorganic production and FERTOZ is approved for use in California and Washington, unlike some other sources.

SaberEX by Advanced Biological Marketing
Why I like it – ABM has long history of high performance root inoculants. SabrEX is very cost effective with a great return on investment.
Why you should use it – Inoculates the plant with Trichoderma, a beneficial fungus improving nitrogen uptake.

Granulated Manure by Sustaine
Why I like it – 8-2-4 from Sustaine is the highest nitrogen granulated manure I have found. It is a natural slow release nitrogen fertilizer provides 6 – 12 weeks of nitrogen.
Why you should use it – It’ manufactured in the US and is pathogen and weed free, and has no blood or bone products.

TerraFed by QLF
Why I like it -TerraFed from QLF is a Sugar Cane Molasses containing 34% sugar and natural Nitrogen and Potassium. The sugars stimulates loads of beneficial biological activity.
Why you should use it – This is a great liquid organic starter fertilizer and can be foliar applied later in the season to give your plants extra energy during flowering and fruiting.

CX-1 by Purple Cow
Why I like it – CX-1 is a potent biological inoculant containing hundreds of strains of beneficial biology.
Why you should use it – CX-1 should be added to your TerraFed starter (the food source) to improve germination and nutrient uptake.

14-0-0 by Growers Secret
Why I like it – This dry water-soluble powdered nitrogen is derived from soy protein hydrolysate and provides 13.78% Water Soluble Nitrogen mainly as amino acids. When foliar applied delivers necessary available nitrogen.
Why you should use it – A highly effective form of available nitrogen to foliar apply right before flowering.

Regalia RX by Maronne Bio Innovations
Why I like it – Regalia is a bio-fungicide that stimulates the plant’s immune system to fight disease. Also, it has a 0-day pre-harvest interval.
Why you should use it – Inhibits fungal and bacterial diseases and has been proven effective on lots of acres.

Runner ups

Lisiveg by Italpollina
Why I like it – A plant-based (non-soy) vegetal protein used widely in Europe
Why you should use it – Studies have shown this product to improve leaf nitrogen concentrations and promotes a hormone-like activity to improve crop performance
Why it is a runner-up – Lisiveg has limited US data and I have not personally used it. Italpollina has built significant investments in the US. This is a product you should try.

Boron10 by Ulexandes-USA
Why I like it – A very pure calcium borate that won’t hurt plant germination.
Why you should use it – If you need a big boron application, this is the product. I have seen it used in-furrow on millions of acres in Canada with great results.
Why it is a runner-up – It is a single product granule, my preference for micros is a broad spectrum product like MicroHume.

Copper and Zinc by Old Bridge Chemicals
Why I like it – Old Bridge is the only US source of Copper and Zinc fertilizers.
Why you should use it – Old Bridge makes human consumption grade products so you know its clean.
Why it is a runner-up – It is a single product granule, my preference for micros is a broad spectrum product like MicroHume.

Did I forget a favorite product you have used? Let me know!


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