Yes, if you are a perfectionist you are a loser!Perfection is For Losers

You are the very thing you are trying to avoid: loss.

Perfectionism is rooted in fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of appearing incompetent. Fear that everything will be lost.

In the back of their minds, perfectionists believe that the only way to make sure they don’t lose it all is to control everything: to make sure it’s perfect.

Thus, perfection is only an illusion. It’s a facade that perfectionists set up to keep people at arms lengths so others can’t find out that they really are. Insecure, self-loathing and afraid of loss.

When we do discover what perfectionists really are, trust is shattered, and they can no longer be a part of our evolution. At that point, all is lost.

Nature evolves and so must we. Thus, what seems perfect today, but does not evolve is a dead shitty mess tomorrow.

Be like nature, be yourself, good enough for today and evolve as needed.


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