Expand your customer reach and boost sales

Craigdmick.com Sales & Marketing Service is for busy business owners that don’t have the expertise or budget for a full-time VP of Sales & Marketing.

Craigmdick.com Sales & Marketing Service gives you access to top sales and marketing professionals. We can quickly show you how to integrate the sales & marketing process that will compel people to buy. Unlike traditional in-house staff that is expensive, untrained, and can be a drain on the bottom line.

  • Do you have a need for a skilled sales and marketing leader?
  • Do customers not understand your value?
  • Are you unable to build a sales and marketing team due to budget or knowledge constraints?
  • Would you like to generate revenue to fund a full-time team?

If you answered yes to these 4 questions, before you contact us, I have 7 more questions for you.

Why Craigmdick.com Sales & Marketing Service

Craig Dick re-branded and transformed a 40-year-old unprofitable agricultural product and a 25-year-old company into a recognized world leader in their space.

With 30+ years in agriculture, 20+ years in selling, 10+ years in marketing, 5+ years leading a high performing sales and marketing team. His team has the experience to help you build the systems and team to take your company to the next level.

What you can expect

By working with Craig and his team, you can expect a level of professionalism and service you won’t find with junior hires or traditional out-sourced freelancers.

Our deliverable is knowledge that will get you results.

What we like to work on

To assure you the best results we only work on a select number of topics we are passionate about.

  • Agriculture
  • Professional Turf
  • Horticulture

What we do

  • Product positioning
  • Develop marketing strategy
  • Website revamps
  • Create & manage an integrated sales and marketing plan
  • Content development
  • Manage marketing & pr agency
  • Customer list development
  • Drive sales and increase sales effectiveness
  • Assist in hiring and selecting teams
  • Develop a sales process
  • Direct, mentor and coach sales teams
  • Manage sales pipelines to maximize sales

Work we have led

Positioning, Identity Branding, Website Revamp, Advertising

Packaging and Point of Purchase

Product Naming and Sales Development

Podcast Interview – Advanced Selling Podcast

Earned Media – Corn & Soybean Digest

Earned Media International – Successful Farming

Press Release – Hoard’s Dairyman

How we think



Linked In


 Who we like to work for

We know we are not right for everyone. Not everyone is right for us. Before you contact us, answer the following 7 questions.

  • Is your company progressive and fun to work with?
  • Are you open to adopting new technology?
  • Do you embrace learning and invest in your people?
  • Are you motivated to make a change?
  • Can you quantify the missed opportunity?
  • Is there something unique about what you do?
  • Know you have a winning product or service and have trouble getting the message out?

If you said yes to the 7 things above, we should talk about working together!

Please send me a little info about yourself.